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Suzanne has provided exceptional service. We have been impressed with her knowledge and personality and look forward to working with her in the future.

Ron and Vicki

Suzanne is very good at her job. She possesses a high level of knowledge of the ins and outs of Medicare insurance and spends the time to research needed facts to provide her clients (us) with info and recommendations for us to make good choices about insurance. We rely on her expertise.


Suzanne has helped us for several years to choose our Medicare plan. She is very professional, knowledgeable and sympathetic to our needs. She has always spent more than adequate time with us during the selection process. Never rushes us through. And if we have questions after our meeting she’s always available. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being extremely qualified, we give her a 10!


Making choices about my healthcare coverage was scary and overwhelming, until I met Suzanne. I have been her client for several years; she is always prepared for our meetings. The most beneficial service for me is how she compares and contrasts the different choices. I will be Suzanne’s client forever!!


Suzanne Werts has provided me excellent support and guidance with my Medicare plans and needs over the past few years. She does thorough research to find me the best plans based on my needs. She is always available to answer my questions in an easy to understand way. I have highly recommended her many friends.


At 67 with significant medical issues I was concerned with the quality of the medical and drug plan that I could get. Suzanne took the time to research all my doctors, conditions and medications and gave me informed choices and information about all the plans that covered my doctors and medications. I am more than happy with the plan I chose! With the low out of pocket and no copays it has probably saved me 10’s of thousands of dollars over the 5 major surgeries I have had since signing up. I received many mail offers but they were only trying to sell me there plan or a plan they received commissions on no research no options no meeting no discussion!


My time with Suzanne was well spent as she very professionally & efficiently guided me thru the Medicare Insurance jungle! She answered all of my questions & gave me a number of great ideas. She signed me up with the perfect plan for my current situation! I highly recommend Suzanne!